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This website exists as a portfolio of my imprint on the internet and the Computer Science community. I am expected to graduate in December, 2014 with a Bachelor of Science, Computer Science.

I am currently seeking an internship for the Summer of 2014 and a full-time position as a Software Engineer post-graduation, preferring locations in California.

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Project Highlights

github Anagrams

Created as a semester project for Theory of Computer Operating Systems class (CSC 460), Anagrams was a group project for Jeremy Sweetwood, Jacob Foster, and myself (3 team members). It is a multiplayer, networked, real-time anagram game written for the Linux terminal using C. Its implementation includes a "smart" multithreaded server with "dumb" single-threaded clients.

I was largely responsible for the game logic, like word acceptance, timer functionality, and scoring. Each of the team member's contributions were roughly equal in proportion.

github Court Scheduler

Created as a semester project for the Software Engineering class (CSC 450), Court Scheduler was a group project for Pat McCroskey, Matthew Swinney, Will Gorman, Michael Adams, CJ Done, Chuck Eswine, Stephen Kaysen, and myself (8 team members). The main program was written in Java, using OptaPlanner as the solver engine, and the configuration utility was written in Python using Tkinter.

The Court Scheduler was designed to automate the scheduling process for the staff at a local recreation center, dramatically cutting the time spent on scheduling basketball and volleyball leagues. It was designed to allow as many constraints as possible,

I was largely responsible the customer-facing and configuration logic, and generally putting out fires.