Kyle Falconer Codes


These are the projects I am actively working on or maintaining

Must Watch (Android)

CircleCI Build Status

Currently a work in progress, the goal is to be a mead-making helper app for Android.

If you’re intrested in learning how to brew mead, check out the mead subreddit.

This app is being designed to make mead-making easier, from recipie creation, to calculations and reminders about when to perform certain tasks. Let me know if you’re interested in beta testing the app!


Badge printing application for Raspberry Pi that logs user information such as name and email and prints a name badge and QR code associated with that information.

Features include:

DYMO SDK for Linux


Community-maintained drivers for the DYMO LabelWriter printers. DYMO no longer supports Linux, so this is a fork of the official DYMO SDK for Linux, updated so that it compiles with CUPS version 2 or higher.